Elite IT talent is no accident. It takes personal drive and smarts, plus smart career counseling. Do you have what it takes? If you do, we provide mentoring and counsel, and we’ll stay with you throughout your career.


Choose Hekima to have a career, not just a job.

With Hekima, you have a team of experienced IT specialists who have worked in the industry and know the ropes. We’ll prepare you with the counsel and career plan you need to succeed.

Job preparation for top IT positions.

Hekima counseling and career plans are designed to have you ready from your first day at your new position. Our team has the experience and knowledge base to bring you up to speed.

Career preparation for a lifetime of success.

The Hekima team works with you to develop an action plan for your career. We are there as a resource even after you take your next position – ensuring you have what it takes to keep moving up.

Choose Hekima to add elite talent, not just fill a cubicle.

With Hekima, there’s no guesswork or ramp-up: you have a quality candidate uniquely prepared for your job opening.

Fill Positions Quickly

Hekima provides counseling and a career plan so he or she has the skills and focus you require and will immediately contribute with a minimum of orientation.

Improve productivity and value

Hekima provides career counseling ensure your candidate has the chops to add value to your enterprise for years to come.


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